UK Floods: Homes Evacuated Amid Heavy Rain


London: Heavy rain has caused more flooding in northern England, with homes evacuated in Lancashire and Yorkshire, and rivers overflowing in Manchester and Leeds.

Several rivers have burst their banks, and homes in Ribchester  and Whalley, Lancashire, have been evacuated.

The Met Office has issued two severe weather warnings, meaning danger to life, for further rainfall.

More than 300 flood alerts and warnings – 20 of them severe – are in place across England, Scotland and Wales.

Almost a month’s rainfall is likely to fall in one day in some places. The Environment Agency said affected residents should “take action now”.

Lancashire’s severe flood warnings – meaning flooding is expected and there is a danger to life – are for two locations on the River Ribble at Ribchester, three on the River Calder at Whalley, as well as for the River Wyre at St Michael’s North and St Michael’s South.

There are 13 severe warnings in Yorkshire – around the Calder Valley area, with the River Calder, River Ryburn, Cragg Brook, Hebden Water and Walsden Water affected.

The flood siren has been activated in Appleby, Cumbria Police said, to allow residents adequate time to prepare for possible flooding on Saturday night.

There is a severe flood warning for parts of Leeds city centre, while a total of 24 flood warnings have been issued in the Greater Manchester area, with areas along the River Irwell the worst affected.

BBC News