UK Denies of Any Limitation on Indian Students

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NEW DELHI: UK secretary of state for business, innovation and skills, Sajid Javid has said there is no cap “at all on number of foreign students” visiting Britain for studies.

Speaking about the misconception of student visas in India Sajid Javid said, “I want to see more and more Indian students coming to UK for world class education.Records speak for themselves. I also want to make it clearer to students about the variety of choices on offer. We have four of the top 10 universities of the world and 30 in the top 200.”

Javid, who met HRD minister Smriti Irani to announce 2016 as the UK-India year of research and innovation, said UK’s Chevening Scholarship is worth £3 million, the highest anywhere in the word. He also clarified about job opportunities in UK for Indian students studying there, a question repeatedly asked in India. “Yes. First you can work during the holiday period between semesters. Once you graduate, you are welcome to stay in a graduate-level job and there is no limit to that either and that is good for students for building their skills. Eventually when they decide to return to UK, the practical experience helps and it is good for UK economy,” he said.

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Javid said a graduate-level job is around £21,000 a year. “And if you translate it in rupees, it seems like a very high threshold. That is entry level salary for graduates,” he said. He said though aspirants for such jobs have to compete with everyone else but it is “perfectly reasonable for a talented young student who wants to graduate to have such opportunity to take such work.”

“We found time and time again that a number of students from India, China and US stay on through that route. I wouldn’t like Indian students to think that it is such a problem that can never be met,” he said.