U.S. Reiterates Support To India’s NSG Bid


Washington: The U.S. has reiterated its support to India’s bid to get Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) membership. “Having gone down the path of the civil nuclear agreement with India, and having invested a significant amount of time in building up our cooperation with India as it relates to nuclear security,” said Deputy National Security Advisor, Benjamin Rhodes.

Mr. Rhodes remarks on India came in response to a question about why some countries like China are opposing India’s membership to the 48-member NSG.

“..I think the bottom line for us is that we believe that through engagement with India and through engagement with groups like the NSG, we are in a better position to support India as a good citizen on these issues,” he said.

He said the U.S. believed that engaging with India and trying to bring the country to follow international processes will be more effective in promoting its security protocols.

“And frankly, it takes place against continued conversations that we have with India about their approach to nuclear weapons; and of course, the support that we’ve always expressed for diplomatic efforts between India and Pakistan,” Mr. Rhodes said in response to a question, at an event organised by the Arms Control Association.

Based in Washington, Arms Control Association is a think tank that had opposed India-U.S. civil nuclear deal and is now opposing India’s membership to the NSG.

“Of course, we’ll take seriously the concerns of other nations, but again for us I think this is part of a broader context where we’ve decided to take this approach with India. And we’ve seen it bear some fruit, particularly on issues related to nuclear security,” he said.