U.K. Polls: Downing St awaits Cameron’s return


London: David Cameron is all set to enter Downing Street once over again with the results of the polls showing a clear majority for the Conservatives in the U.K. General elections 2015.

Till now, the conservatives have grabbed 331 seats in the results of the elections which are coming out. 326 seats out of 350 are needed by the any party to win Britain’s General elections.

Since the voting concluded on Thursday, the Conservatives were showing a majority in the exit polls and it was quite evident from the results since Friday Morning which showed a rapid inclination in the number of seats for the Conservatives making it quite evident that they will be retaining power in the fifth largest economy of the world.

The nearest opposition of the Conservatives, The Labour Party has managed to win only 230 seats so far in the results of the elections.

The Scottish Nationalist Party has performed very well in the elections by grabbing 56 of the 59 seats of the region rising to political significance.