Tyson attempts to commit suicide


Kolkata: Tyson! Apart from the football fanatics, many of the city dwellers will not be so much associated with the name. To put it straight, he is the reserved goalkeeper of East Bengal. A few days back, a Bengali daily had made a report on him stating that Tyson has been signed on the nagging of the Goan coach Armando Colaco, for all other reasons but to act as the last line of defence of the team. Tyson was so much hurt with this, that he almost attempted to commit suicide twice.

The daily had said that Tyson was more seen in the role of Armando’s driver and chef rather than being on the ground. This made the goalkeeper depressed to such an extent that he wanted to kill himself. According to reports, his parents are flying to Kolkata to be by the side of their depressed son. They even have planned to file a case against the daily for defaming Tyson.