2 Killed in Tel Aviv Shooting


Tel Aviv: Two people have been killed and at least three wounded in a shooting on New Year’s Day in a bar in the busiest part of Tel Aviv.

Israeli police say a gunman entered a bar and opened fire at the bar early on Friday afternoon on the corner of Dizengoff and Gordon Street, populated with cafes, shops and many pedestrians. Emergency services rushed to the scene and treated victims in the street. The injured people were taken to Ichilov hospital and Beilinson Wolfson medical centre in Tel Aviv.

An eyewitness across the street from the attack, who was being treated for shock, described the scene to the media. He said the attacker smiled as he fired and changed the magazine. The group inside the bar were the attack occurred were mainly youth, who had been drinking beer to celebrate a friend’s birthday.

When emergency services arrived the music in the bar was still playing. Police closed all the bars in the area following the attack. The circumstances surrounding the shooting remain unclear. Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the incident was still being investigated and the gunman remained at large. It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the shooting.

This is the first attack in Tel Aviv since a stabbing on 2 November.

the guardian