Two Newborn Died Due To Negligence


Coochebehar: The death of a two newborn has triggered another complaint of medical negligence against MJN Hospital in Coochbehar.

Ratna Biswas, A resident of Coochbehar was admitted to the hospital due to labour pain on Wednesday night and on Thursday, She gave birth to a newborn on bed without care of doctors. Ratna’s family alleged that the newborn died after birth due to carelessness of doctors.

But the hospital supar jaydeb Burman denied all allegation and said Ratna Biswas gave birth to a dead baby and there is no lack of carelessness.

Another incident of medical negligence rocked the hospital on the same day When Dilip Bibi admitted to hospital due to labou pain. She also gave birth to a baby and died after just birth.

The family of victims started protest against this. Police reached the spot to handle the situation.