Two Men Arrested For Going Deep Into Digha Sea


Digha: Two youths were arrested on Sunday for going into mid-sea without following restrictions. To ensure that the tourists do not fall into any problem while bathing in the sea at Digha, the police and the ‘nulia’ have kept a strict vigil.

The tourists are facing problems when they are crossing the danger limit of the sea to take bath, escaping the strict vigil of the police and the ‘nulia’. The tourists have stepped into the sea in large numbers from Sunday morning to enjoy their vacation. The police and the ‘nulia’ have been announcing through microphones requesting the tourists from not crossing the danger limits at sea.

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Two youths from Murshidabad paying no heed to the warnings, went into the mid-sea.
The ‘nulia’ rescued them and the police later arrested them for not following instructions.

OC of Digha police station Basuki Banerjee said that the number of tourists increased in view of Sunday as a holiday. The tourists were warned continuously through miking. But those two youths were drowning after not paying heed to our instructions. Out ‘nulia’ rescued them. They have been arrested for not following our instructions. Their name and addresses are being investigated.