Two Brokers Arrested From Bardhaman Medical College

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Bardhaman: Few men are flexing their muscles to recah out to the patients in Bardhaman Medical college and fooled them for many times. They gave ideas to the patients to go to the nursing home for treatment instead of Medical college.

In this incident, two brokers were held by hospital staffs and later they handed over to the Bardhaman police. Hospital staff Rupad Das lodged complaint about this and on the basis of complaint police arrested them.

বর্ধমান মেডিক্যাল চত্বর থেকেই জালে দুই দালাল

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The alleged culprits are Anisur Mondal and Surojit Karmakar. Anisur Mondal is the resident of Bardhaman’s Nababhat area and Surojit is the resident of Bankura’s Indas area. Accuses are produced to the Burdwan court today. Court gave them five day jail custody.

According to police sources, a resident of Assam Lalu Miya was admitted to Bardhaman medical college after he suffered from breathing problem. Then a man came with Scooty and said that he is a general physician. Hospital staffs suspect him and did not give permission to enter the hospital premises. Apart from this two other persons came with Ambulance.

Lalu Miya referred to the ENT department after tonsil problem found in his body. The two persons of Ambulance then tried to talk with the lalu’s wife Safiya Begum and said her that she immediately transferred her husband to a private nursing home for his treatment as Bardhaman medical college failed to do the treatment.

Hospital Deputy Super Aimtabha Saha said that brokers racket run mainly in the night. We are hiked our surveillance to stop the racket.