Two Bengal Youths Goes Missing In Kerala Flood

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Bankura: Kerala is witnessing one of the worst natural calamities to have hit the state in a century. The death toll will increase day by day.

Two man from Bankura went to the Kerala for Job purpose but after the natural disaster stuck the Kerala, they are totally detached with their families.

কেরলে খোঁজ নেই বাঁকুড়ার দুই বাঙালির

Kalyan Mandal and Avijit Mondal are the resident of Bankura’s Chatna area. They went to the Kerala Three months ago. Two man started working at a contractual company In Kerala. They go to the Kerala for some extra income.

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All are good till now. But after the natural disaster they are disconnected with their beloved families. According to the family, they heard their last voice on Friday morning. The duo said that they struck at a island near Earnakulam’s Manannagar area.

The neighbours of the two young people came to their house in Bankura and they promised to stand beside them. But the family of the two youths want Mamata’s help in this matter.