Two arrested for Sharing Pornographic Contents on WhatsApp


Delhi: The Delhi police have arrested two persons for allegedly uploading porn images on the popular phone messaging app WhatsApp.

The two, one of them was the administrator of the group, were arrested after a woman advocate filed a police complaint, he was booked on charges of outraging a woman’s modesty.

The duo was sent to a judicial custody by a city court, but later they were given bail on furnishing their bail bonds. The two accused have been identified as Manoj and Kuldeep. A police officer said that Manoj was not the partner in the crime, but despite the woman’s complaint he didn’t remove Kuldeep from the group, it was he who has taken Manoj in the group.

The woman has complained that one fine morning she woke up and received over 10 messages on that group and one of the members have sent the obscene photographs and adult jokes.

“Her complaint states that on receiving the messages, she first ignored them but when the same person kept on uploading adult jokes and offending pictures that were in bad taste, it became a nuisance and she called the PCR and reported the matter to the police,” a senior police officer said.