Twitterati Slams Gordon Ramsay For Trolling ‘Medu Vada’


New Delhi: Gordon Ramsay is one of the most well known chefs on the globe right now and he has been in the headlines recently for trolling people who ask him to rate their preparations on Twitter. But even Gordon Ramsay didn’t see what he was getting into when he decided to cross the line by going after Medu Vada.

A Mumbai man tweeted the picture of a plate of the popular South Indian breakfast and asked Ramsay to rate it. The culinary maestro hit back with stinging sarcasm implying that it looked like food served in prison.

While most of his tweets have made people chuckle, this didn’t go down well with twitterati who came after Ramsay all guns blazing.

This Indian food lover called him out for taking a jibe at Medu Wada as an attack on Indian cuisine entirely.

Some gave the Hell’s Kitchen host a taste of his own medicine, reminding him of the popularity of Medu Vada and taking a shot at his cooking.

Ramsay might be a popular face on television and is surely known for his wit, but he clearly miscalculated the popularity if Medu Vada.

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