Twitter to Raise Character Limit to 10,000


New Delhi: People talk about a lot of things on Twitter, which has nowadays become an essential medium to spread news. But often people complain of limited character and space allowed while tweeting.

Keeping the drawback in mind, the micro-blogging website is building a new feature that will allow the users to post tweets as long as 10,000 characters, well beyond its current 140- character limit.

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According to Twitter Inc technology news website Re/code, Twitter may launch the service towards the end of the first quarter but has not set an official date.

Jack Dorsey, the co-founder and CEO of Twitter, has called it ‘a beautiful constraint’.

“We’re not going to be shy about building more utility and power into Twitter for people. As long as it’s consistent with what people want to do, we’re going to explore it,” Dorsey wrote in a screenshot of text that was longer than 140 characters.