Twitter Disappoints, Big B Apologies

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Mumbai: Amitab Bachchan today apologies for the numbering problem of the twitter. Big B also wrote on the wall that ‘OH GOSH’.

Twitter also has numbering issues. The tweets count in numbers. The most respectful of the Bollywood actors Amitab Bachchan faces the numbering problem. He tweets till now 2069. But after 2061 tweets his wall shows 1152. This problem repeated in 8 twits.

amitavAmitab Bachchan later shows the problem and apologies for this numbering problem. He twits in 2069 “T 2063 – OH GOSH !! been numbering my Tweets wrong .. All T 1152 , should be read as T 2062 ..”

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Recently his follower are above 17.8 M and tweets 45.7k.