Twin Sweets From Different Motherlands


Do you love having sweets? Did you try out famous fried paneer based Bengali sweet langcha? If yes, have you heard about ‘baalish’ sweet famous in Bangladesh?

Langcha is a Bengali sweetmeat that originates from Saktigarh in the Bardhaman of West Bengal, India. Langcha langchais made of sweetened milk powder, and flours of different cereals. Langcha of the village Simultala in Jharkhand district of India is also famous. Langcha from Nabadwip, West Bengal in India are of top quality. Langcha of Tarapith region in Birbhum district are very big in size.

We are still unaware about the person who created langcha. But does that stop us from dwelling into this sweet dish? There used to be competitions earlier over this sweet. The wrestlers used to have atleast 50-60 langchas at a go ! But things have changed today, so has the size of langcha. But its demand has not decreased !

Some shops famous for langcha would be Langcha Ghar, Langcha House, Langcha Mahal, etc. langcha3The smell of fried langcha reigns the roadside of the highways. You can enter any of the shops of your choice. If you want, you can buy them too ! Super bliss !

There is another similar balishsweet dish in Bangladesh. They are almost same with a different name. balish-1This ‘baalish’ sweet is famous at Netrakona in Bangladesh. Gayanath Ghosal is the pioneer of this sweet. His shop, gayanathGayanath Mistanna Bhandar is still there. The sweet is more commonly known as Gayanath’s Baalish.

If you have this sweet, you are bound to find a resemblance with our very own langcha. But still, it is not langcha, but a sweet unique in its own way, style and taste. This is a must at a wedding ceremony, that much is this sweet famous. It tastes heavenly and a very common yet special one !

To conclude, beautiful are the names of both the sweets. But from different countries. This has become a part of the lives of people of both the lands. From Shaktigarh’s langcha to Netrakona’s baalish, is still a great delicacy even today ! Alas, those who haven’t tasted them, must taste them !!!

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