Transgender TV Host Allegedly Kicked Off Warship


Chennai: Journalist and TV host Apsara Reddy was not allowed to enter a warship anchored at the Chennai port on Sunday, after a security officer plainly told her: “No transgenders” could board the ship.

Our car entered gate number 7 and we were treated very well by the CISF officers. In front of the ship, an officer named Shubh stopped me and said I can’t enter. When I asked why, he rudely said transgenders are not allowed into the ship…I didn’t say anything. I just said thank you and left,” Apsara Reddy told the New Indian Express.

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She was not on a media assignment, but had received a formal invitation to the ship, for a onboard dinner. “They noticed me at entrance of the port itself. I think they decided to embarrass me and did this to me as I was about the enter the ship,” she said. Apsara Reddy has said she will report the matter to the National Human Rights Commission and the Government about the officers, who she identified as Shubh and Ajay.