TV Anchor Shuts Down Maulana After Sexist Remark


New Delhi: Mirror Now’s anchor Faye D’Souza on Friday silenced Maulana Yasoob Abbas over his comments on her show. Faye was hosting a debate over the incessant online trolling that Dangal star Sana Fatima Sheikh was facing due to her pictures on social media, where she is seen wearing a bikini. Trolls were visibly upset over the pictures due to her choice of doing so during the month of Ramzan. During the heated debate, Maulana shouted, “I am telling you, wear an underwear and come. You will become equal to men. Wear an underwear and come to debate. There will be equality between men and women”, Faye kept her calm and even pacified the other panellists over this sexist comment, but then tore into him herself and left him shocked and silent.

‘আন্ডারওয়্যার পরে আসুন’! মৌলানার কটাক্ষের জবাব দিলেন অ্যাঙ্কর

She said, “He (Maulana) hopes that he will rile me up. He hopes that I will throw a fit, and I will lose control of my panel and forget how to do my job. Let me tell you Maulana ji, I have seen the likes of you. I am not afraid of you, I am not threatened by you, I am not rattled by you…. All you men think that if you rattle Sana Fatima when she is doing her job, if you rattle Sania Mirza while she is doing her job, if you rattle women then they will run back into their kitchens and leave the world for you again to conquer, I have news for you, we are not going anywhere.”

Women athletes and actors have been subjected to much criticism when it comes to their choice of dresses. Earlier, tennis star Sania Mirza had been subjected to a lot of online trolling due to her attire while playing the game. Priyanka Chopra is another name that comes to mind, who had to face trolling due to her choice of attire during her meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently. However, it was Faye who actually ended up striking one back for women.

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