TV Actress, Friend Assaulted By Biker Gang In Kolkata


Kolkata: A Bengali television actress and her friend were allegedly assaulted by a group of speeding bikers early on Sunday. The actress and her friend were traveling in the car when the incident happened along the Golf Green stretch.

According to the complaint, the actress and her friend were driving along Uday Shankar Sarani when the group of bikers racing on the road tried to zigzag infront of the car and in the attempt one of them hit the car, they were travelling. As the friend driving the car came out and protested, an altercation broke out between them.

“The man asked the youths to drive properly to which the youths surrounded them and an altercation broke out. The complainant alleges that one of them punched him and as he retaliated, others in the group also began to bash him. As the woman tried to protect him, the men even pushed her,” said an officer of Jadavpur police station.

The actress called the police helpline number 100 and sought help to which officers of Jadavpur police station reached the spot in less than 15 minutes. Seeing the cops arriving, the men left the place.

“The woman alleged a gold chain belonging to the friend was also snatched and our officers escorted them to the police station where they filed the complaint,” said the officer.

Later in the night, a team of officers tracked the biker, Sarat Paswan from the bike’s registration number provided by the woman and arrested him from near Prince Anwar Shah Road – Deshapran Sashmal Road crossing.