TV Actors Stopped Shooting, Daily Soaps May Affect


Kolkata: Tolly town is in now trouble. The latest stand-off between the producers and celebrity is another chapter in the conflict between two key units of an industry due to wages issue and overtime allowances.

হচ্ছে না শ্যুটিং, সম্প্রচার বন্ধ হতে পারে বহু জনপ্রিয় ধারাবাহিকের!

The shooting of Bengali television industry has been stalled due to wages issue. A meeting was held in Technician studio but no decision could be taken yet. Some Celebrities talk to the Kolkata24x7 on that issue.

Dirghoi is the new entry on ‘Vanumotir khel’ serial. She said that her shooting was cancelled due to wages problems. She also added that she got the money for her shooting but she really felt bad for others who did not get allowances for their work.

Rubel, the lead character of the series said that wages are the main and we work for it. Many did not get the wages which is not right. I did not faced any such situation till now but I support them truely. Their wages should be cleared.

Debadrita of Jayi serial said that I did not also faced the problems but I do not know about others of my serial. I did not have any overtimes. Usually after 10pm the shooting stopped but if it happened then with rules and conditions.

Actress Mimi Dutta said that she faced the problems from earlier. I did not get the check in right time. we worked 17 hours even if 24 hours sometime but did not get any extra remunerations. After that we get the salary by the 15th day of the month and it is sanctioned by Artist Forum and Producer guild. Producers supposed to give wages in the month of June but they did not provide that.

Mimi also said that we worked ten hours normally. if we worked extra four hours then why we did not gave extra money for this overtime. Even if technicians also do overtime. So we protested for that.

Actress Sayantani GuhaThakurata said that the time is come to make decision on this issue. Every profession has time limits so why did not we have the fixed time schedule. If overtime happened then the extra wages should be cleared.

The telecast of the upcoming episodes of many serials might be stopped if any solution did not come.