TV Actor Alok Nath’s Son Caught For Drunken Driving


Mumbai: In a shocking incident, popular TV actor Alok Nath’s son has been reportedly involved in an incident of alleged drunken driving in the suburban Mumbai, as reported by the police on Tuesday.

 Shivang Nath, along with his  other friends was returning from a birthday party late night in his car. The traffic police on duty stopped him in order to check for drunken driving. Instead of abiding by the law, Shivang increased the speed of his car and fled. The police chased his car and caught him at Bandra. They were later on brought to the Santacruz police station.

The friends of Shivang tried to argue with the police that they were driving the vehicle and not Shivang. The Bandra Traffic Police booked him for drunken driving, for not possessing the driving license and disobeying police order. The car has been seized and Shivang has been asked to pay a fine of Rs 2600 and allowed to go. But on the condition that he would remain present in the court for further proceedings.