Tutu Bose Apologized For His Derogatory Comment Against Women


Kolkata: Tutu Bose the governing body of the football club Mohan Bagan has released a press statement where he has apologized for his derogatory comment on gender discrimination. This comes after his comment on Mohan Bagan club’s victory in CFL on Wednesday. Bose’s comment was gender biased, disrespectful towards women. In his apology letter he has mentioned that, even he has a grand-daughter and he is repented for his comment.

The apology followed after Bose was trolled on social media. His comment expressed inequality of women in the society as he compared victory with a boy-child’s birth. It was a sheer act of contempt towards the female of our society. In his apology letter he wrote that on the day of joy he didn’t wanted to hurt anyone.Tutu wrote, “I am feeling sorry at my statement, I became very sentimental after Bagan’s victory in CFL. I have my daughter-in-laws and grand- daughters at home, I understand their importance. I’m withdrawing my statement that I stated yesterday.” After all, I regret that I did not want to hurt anyone. ” Now it is to see whether his apology can melt the ice of controversy.

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