Tussle In Mamata’s Ongoing Administrative Meeting


Asansol: Prior to the tour of Mamata Banerjee West Bardhaman administration is gearing up with the final arrangement. According to the administrative source, many important administrative personalities will be present at the public meeting on March 5,2018. MLAs, Mayors of two municipalities, Zilla Parishad Sabhadhipati, and others administrative personals. But Left front has alleged that no CPM members have been invited for the meeting.

Raniganj CPM MLA Runu Dutta Said, “ We are not aware of the public meeting of Chief Minister. We are not invited.” An administrative personal said, officials are under pressure than the public representative.

আসানসোলে মমতা প্রশাসনিক বৈঠকে ‘আমরা-ওরা’র দ্বন্দ্ব

Every department is busy with the last minute administrative arrangement. They had a internal meeting on Friday for the upcoming meeting. Durgapur district magistrate team has already visited the ‘Srijani’ auditorium. But they din not comment on this. Police Commissioner Lakhsminarayan Mina said, we have taken every measure for a tight security.