Turnout For This Year’s Shahid Dibas Will Break All Records: Abhishek


Kolkata: National President of Trinamool Youth Congress, Abhishek Banerjee speaks to the press after overseeing the arrangements of 21 July Shahid Dibas rally. Nearly 22,000-24,000 people have already arrived in Kolkata for the July 21 rally.

We are making arrangements for them in our limited capacities. We have set up tents and made arrangements for food so that our workers do not face any problem. District presidents and MLAs who are in charge are present. We are all working united.

Going by the response and enthusiasm of the people, we are expecting a record turnout for the rally. Every year the rally breaks the record of the previous year. 2014’s record was broken in 2015; the record turnout of 2015 was surpassed in 2016. Now, 2017 will break the record of 2016.

Despite the vilification campaign and propaganda, the popularity of Mamata Banerjee has not diminished by even one per cent. This proves that she enjoys the support of people. They continue to shower their love and blessings on her. People have time and again voted in favour of development and will continue to support Mamata Banerjee as long as she is there. The conspiracies of those who want to communally polarise Bengal stand defeated.

In a few hours we will know what direction for the future our leader Mamata Banerjee will give. At present, the nation is at such a juncture where certain elements are trying to destabilize Bengal in the name of religion. We have to work unitedly against such forces and defeat their machinations.

Bengal had been turned into a graveyard during the 34 year old Left rule. We fought unitedly against them and were successful in dislodging them from office. Mamata Banerjee has a long history of struggle. It would be unfair to compare her with any other leader. Trinamool was formed after a long struggle. We are ready to fight again.

We do not work for the people only during elections. We are with them all through the year. Through various developmental schemes and programmes, we are continuously serving the Maa, Mati, Manush of Bengal. Our leader Mamata Banerjee’s motto is to be with people, all the time. We follow in her footsteps.

Those who were with the CPI(M) in the past have switched camps to the BJP. Those who adorned red t-shirts earlier now wear saffron kurtas. Leaders like Laxman Seth, who was responsible for Nandigram, have now joined the BJP. Even Mamata Banerjee has said, these people are CPI(M) supporters during the day and work for BJP at night.

Even in the bypolls we have seen that CPI(M) votes have gone to the BJP. But these things do not bother us. Trinamool is number one. We are not worried about who comes second or third. Mamata Banerjee re-established democracy in Bengal. We have to uphold the unity, harmony, democracy in the State. The surge of development will continue.