Turning On Light, 70 Long Years Gone After Independence

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PriyankaDutta,Ranchi: Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, If one only remembers to turn on the light.

Yes. The copy is about the light which is the fastest thing according to Science. But Alas! It has taken 70 long years after Independence. We are making India Digital, but we are unable to give electricity. Tragedy lies here.

One of country’s worst Maoist affected block in Lohardaga district now developing into an ideal tourist destination.For over 10,000 families – including 611 belonging to particularly vulnerable tribal groups – today was an empowering day, both literally and figuratively, with 35 out of 55 villages in rebel-hit Peshrar block of Lohardaga, 140km from state capital Ranchi, receiving electricity connection.

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It’s time for joy, happiness and celebration.Sanjay Kumar Yadav, a young village doctor, has ordered a fridge so that he can store vaccines. BahuranMahto, a farmer, feels relieved that he won’t have to seek a charging point at the local thanaevery time his phone runs out of battery. A bunch of children are super excited to think they have new toy towers to test their climbing skills.

While elders seemed happy for they would be able to run motor pumps to irrigate their fields and install television sets in their homes to watch their favourite serials and news channels, youngsters, particularly the teenagers, were excited because the power supply would relieve them of the extra expenses in buying solar plates to recharge their cell phones.

On Wednesday, Union minister of state for tribal affairs and Lohardaga MP SudarshanBhagat did the honours of lighting up homes in the 35 villages of the block in the presence of local MLA SukhdeoBhagat, former home secretary J.B. Tubid, D.C. BinodKumar and district police chief Karthik S.

While speaking to Kolkata24x7.com, deputy commissioner Vinod Kumar said “Electrification work in 10 more villages will be completed by this month. And, by October-end, the entire Peshrar block will be glowing with light and delight,”
“Power did not reach Peshrar overnight,” said deputy commissioner, Vinod Kumar. “It required more than two years of concerted efforts by both civil and police administration coupled with a strong backing by the government,” he said, assuring to develop the hub of Left insurgents into an ideal tourist destination.
He said, “The Maoist menace was the biggest bottleneck. They had let lose a reign of terror in the area for over two decades bullying traders, harassing commoners and abducting children’’

Peshrar, a traditional Maoist hotbed, was a no-go zone for most people even during daytime. In 2000, Lohardaga SP Ajay Kumar Singh was killed in a broad daylight ambush.Peshrarbecame a block in 2008, but the block development officer’s chamber in Kisko, 15km away, ensured that the area remained off the development radar.

During his visit on August 21 last year, chief minister Raghubar Das had promised electrification within a year. Also, chief secretary RajbalaVerma, on February 17 this year, ordered that the block office in Peshrar be made functional within 10 days.

Now that all homes in the 50 odd villages have got power lines drawn lighting bulbs and making fans run throwing fresh air for the first time, the miseries are set to take back seat and open many gates and avenues for prosperity.