Turkey Deports 2 Indian Engineers Wanting To Join ISIS


Hyderabad:  Two youths from Telangana who attempted to join terror organisation ISIS have been deported to Hyderabad after they were caught crossing the border in Turkey illegally.

One youth who was working in the US has been identified as Hamid-ur-Rahman from First Lancer locality in Hyderabad. The second has been identified as Gufran Mohiuddin from Warangal working in UAE, said sources.

Hamid and Gufran graduated in 2012 from a famous engineering college and for better career opportunities, they both left the country. Upon reading on the internet, they soon got radicalised and decided to join ISIS in Syria.

When they reached Turkey, they were caught crossing the border, trying to cross over to Syria, and were sentenced to four months in prison by Turkish authority

After they served the jail time, the Turkish authority deported them to India in October, 2016. Since then they are under a close watch of Telangana police.

In 2015-16, Telangana police prevented over two dozen young men from joining the dreaded terror organisation and now are constantly monitoring their activities.