Tsunami Hits Digha Coast! Be Alert


Digha: Suddenly Tsunami hits the Digha coast. Panic sparked among the tourists. All are busy to fled away from the coast. Mike announcement heard from the far. Tourists really shocked to heard this announcement. But is tsunami rally hit the Digha coast? All tourists took a long time to understand that.

দিঘা উপকূলে আছড়ে পড়ল শক্তিশালী সুনামি!

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Disaster management officials showed how to deal with the tsunami in the tribal people of Digha coast. And the way the whole thing was made, there was no way to understand the situation. And when the announcement heard, many people became frightened by the news.
How did this exercise begin?

People of Gangadharpur and Duttapur of the coastal areas are being taken to a safe distance at Wednesday morning. The cattle are also kept in the shelter camp. Disaster management authorities asked people in the two villages not to get scared. The exercise was primarily to check as how the system responds when the Hyderabad based Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS) issues a tsunami alert,

The National Disaster Management Authority arranged the exercise in different parts of the country. Here Mock drill happened at total seven places of East Midnapore, North and South Parganas. Last year, people from coastal areas saw such a drill. Although the trial was done without telling anyone in advance.