Tsunami alert issued in West Bengal


Kolkata: Tsunami alert has been issued in the coastal areas of West Bengal by the Administration. Tsunami alert has been sounded in the coastal areas of West Bengal following the earthquake at 135 Kilometers South West of Port Blair.

The alert has been sounded in Digha, Mandarmani and the vast areas of Sunderbans. The state is in the mood of a vacation due to which many tourists have flocked these areas. The alert has been issued to avoid any untoward incident. The administration has also alerted that huge waves can be seen rushing towards the shore due to the tsunami. Everybody has been asked to stay on high alert.

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 The fishermen who regularly go for fishing in the Bay of Bengal has also been alerted to stay safe, although some national weather experts have said that there are no chances of tsunami in the area.

Head of Alipore Meterological department, GC Debnath said, “These types of earthquakes is common in earthquake prone zones like Andaman and Nicober islands. There is no risk of Tsunami in the state.”