Truth Behind Ram Rahim’s Claims Of Curing Diseases Like AIDS

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New Delhi: Self-styled godman Gurmeet Ram Rahim, who is in Rohtak jail for next 20 years after charges of double-rape against him were proved true; has made tall claims during his discourse sessions with his followers.

Ram Rahim had claimed to have treated deathly diseases like HIV and Cancer.

The most surprising part about Ram Rahim’s claims is that he did so via virtual medicines like chanting ‘Ram Ram’.

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To find the truth behind the claims made during these public sessions, a national news channel initiated a probe and spoke to several medical experts asking if such cures are possible.

“So far science hasn’t been able to cure AIDS. He further added that anyone who treats AIDS gets a Noble Prize award, if Ram Rahim hasn’t been awarded with the same that means he is lying”.

The followers of Ram Rahim, who were attendees at these sessions also claimed that he can make a dumb person get back his voice by drinking ‘magic water’; the claim has been nullified by scientific experts.

The scientific experts therefore claimed that Ram Rahim had only fooled his followers who trusted him blindly and believed in his false claims.