Trupti Desai Gives 15 Days Ultimatum To Haji Ali Trustees


Mumbai: Bhumata Ranragini Brigade leader Trupti Desai on Thursday visited the Haji Ali dargah in Mumbai and left after offering prayers. She entered the shrine along with some women devotees in line with proper procedure and stopped just short of the inner sanctum, as is the custom for women at the dargah.

Senior Mumbai Police officials said Ms. Desai contacted them on Wednesday and informed them that she should be visiting the dargah on Thursday morning. As opposed to the last time she tried to enter the dargah on April 28, when she was accompanied by a large group of supporters, she only had three members of her Brigade with her this time.

“Ms Desai visited the dargah at 6:00 am on Thursday and left after offering prayers. There is already security at the dargah and we also deployed some extra personnel,” said Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Deven Bharti.

“Today I entered Haji Ali Dargah. I went till the point where women were allowed to go & offered prayers,” news agency ANI quoted Trupti Desai as saying in its tweet. “At Haji Ali Dargah I prayed that women must be allowed to enter inner sanctum like they did before ’11,” she was quoted as saying in another tweet.

“We saw where we are allowed till and where men go till inside Dargah, in 15 days trustees should allow women in else we will protest,” she said.