‘Trumped’ Americans Begging Queen To Take Reigns Back


Washington: “Take back control”: we heard it throughout the EU referendum here in the UK. Now that Donald Trump has won the US election, Americans are wondering whether the UK can do the same to their country.

Americans declared their independence almost 250 years ago. Now it seems some of them are regretting that decision, reported the Independent.

The Declaration of Independence, which was adopted in 1776 during the war with the Kingdom of Great Britain, announced the 13 American colonies as newly independent sovereign states.

The new nation, known as the United States of America, would be free of King George III’s rule and would go on to inspire independence movements in many other British colonies around the world.

But in the wake of this election, some Americans are taking to social media with the phrase “Make America Great Britain Again”, parodying Trump’s foremost slogan.

 We’re reminded of a similar viral thread that did the rounds back in the noughties (originally credited to John Cleese), in which a parody ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ pens a letter to the US warning them that she will be revoking their independence.