Trump Slams Iran Nuclear Deal, Calls Obama ‘A Baby’

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Washington: US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has criticized President Barack Obama and the nuclear agreement with Iran, saying he was “like a baby” after expressing that Tehran has yet to follow the “spirit” of the deal.

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“I hear Obama is very unhappy with Iran because he feels they haven’t lived up to the ‘spirit’ of the agreement. What the hell did he think was going to happen? He is like a baby. He’s like a baby,” Trump said Saturday during a campaign rally in Wisconsin.

“How we have this man as a president is so embarrassing. Anybody in their right mind would have known what he is getting into,” the celebrity businessman added.

During a news conference Friday at the end of the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, DC, Obama hailed Iran for following “the letter of the agreement” but added that Iran should provide the ambiance for international businesses to come to the country.

“The spirit of the agreement involves Iran also sending signals to the world community of businesses that it is not going to be engaging in a range of provocative action that might scare business off,” he stated.

Obama acknowledged that the nuclear deal has been successful so far, but emphasized that more work still needed to be done to implement the accord.

Global enterprises are still complaining that trade with Iran remains difficult partly because of lingering fears of US punitive actions.

US banks are still forbidden to do business with Iran and while business lenders based elsewhere are not covered by this ban, major problems remain. Chief among these are rules prohibiting transactions in dollars from being processed through the US financial system.

At the same briefing, Obama lashed out at Trump for comments the Republican frontrunner had earlier made about nuclear proliferation.

Earlier this week, Trump suggested that allowing Japan and South Korea to have nuclear weapons would save the US the cost of defending its East Asian allies. The real estate mogul also argued that if the US was not willing to use an atomic bomb, then “why are we making them?”

Trump also said that he would “never take any of my cards off the table” regarding the possibility of using an atomic bomb even against Europe.

The remarks prompted President Obama to question Trump’s fitness for Oval Office. “We don’t want somebody in the Oval Office who doesn’t recognize how important that is.”