Trump Sends B-1 & B-52 Nuke Bombers To N Korea As WW3 Looms

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Washington: After North Korea’s threat, US now prepared for dangerous reply. Their feud turned into War. North Korea and the US have been locked in a bitter feud which has threatened to spark World War 3.

Ruthless leader Kim Jong-un fired off four ballistic missiles in a chilling warning to Donald Trump on Monday morning.

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But the US president is sending in B-1 and B-52 bombers which are built to carry nuclear bombs – in a show of force against the Hermit Kingdom. F-35B stealth fighters, the most advanced aircraft in the world will also arrive in South Korea next week.

Dastardly dictator Kim oversaw the rocket launch himself and aimed the projectiles at US bases, with missiles landing in Japanese waters.

In response, both South Korea and the US have been taking part in operation Foal Eagle, where air, naval and land units take part in military drills. The operation has been condemned by Kim, who described Foal Eagle as a “rehearsal for invasion”.

China has urged both nations to stop the war drills, to prevent further aggravating the tubby tyrant. But South Korean defence ministry spokesman, Moon Sang-gyun, denied the Chinese request.

He said: “The joint exercises will continue without a halt. It is a purely defensive annual drill.” The allies will also start a command exercise, Key Resolve, to run drills on cyber attacks.

Trump is considering plans to assassinate Kim or launch air strikes on nuke factories.