Trump Rushed Off Stage By Secret Service Agents At Nevada Rally

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Reno: Donald Trump was rushed off stage Saturday night during a campaign rally here as security officials swarmed, but the candidate emerged back on stage after a few minutes and finished his speech.

Some kind of a disturbance had occurred in the front of the room where Trump was speaking. He put his hand above his eyes to peer out into the crowd. As he did so, a security official rushed to Trump’s side and escorted him off stage. People near the front of the room suddenly scattered as U.S. Secret Service and uniformed officers jumped the barricades to apprehend an unidentified man.

Trump later concluded his rally without further incident. It was not immediately clear what the cause of the disturbance was.

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Meanwhile, a press bus carrying reporters covering Democratic vice-presidential nominee Sen Tim Kaine’s stops in Florida was hit at high speed, according to reporters traveling with the senator. There were no immediate reports of injuries. Kaine was several cars ahead of the press bus, according to reporters in his motorcade.