Trump Removes ‘Ban All Muslims From US’ Page From His Website


Washington: Donald Trump, the president-elect of the United States of America, who has been blatant in his endeavours to put a ban on all Muslims entering America, has now deleted the particular page from his website.

All it took for him to flip were just 24 hours, and a win. The page linking to his December statement regarding a temporary and complete Muslim ban has been removed, according to a report in the Independent .

The page was live on the morning of the election on November 8. Later the same night, the page was redirecting visitors to his ‘campaign support’ page.

A cached page is a copy of a webpage that is stored on a server temporarily. Caches like Wayback Machine crawl websites every now and then making copies of what it finds there.

The first time it crawled the page, the statement to put a ban on Muslims from entering the US was present but it soon disappeared. However, videos of speeches propagating the ban of Muslims still stay on the website.

It’s not just Donald Trump and his wayward statements, but also Melania Trump grabbed the ire of people after a speculation rose that she did not complete her college.

Her page was taken down and it started to redirect visitors to Trump’s golf course.


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