Trump Govt Plans To End Net Neutrality


Washington: The US government is going to end net neutrality, a fundamental principle of how the internet works. Net neutrality is the idea that all internet traffic is treated the same. But the new ruling will allow internet service providers to block or slow access to specific websites, and allow them to charge for those limits to be lifted.

The Federal Communications Commission, under the direction of Donald Trump, has said that it will repeal a law that banned internet service providers from interfering with what people see on the internet and how easy it is to view. Chairman Arjit Pai, who was appointed by Mr Trump, said that the protections stopped internet companies from doing what they wanted and were an unnecessary restriction.

As such, it violates a principle that has been in place ever since the internet began: that no particular website or service can receive special treatment from the companies that power the web. Instead, service providers will be allowed to charge websites to load quicker, for instance, or force their users to pay extra if they want to access certain pages.