Truck Association To Protest In Demand To Stop Overloading


Kolkata: The Federation of West Bengal Truck Operators’ Association have decided to
protest in demand for no harassment if trucks in the name of overloading and
stopping of it from the loading point itself.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee banned the use of 20-wheeler trucks in bridges soon
after the Majherhat bridge collapse. Soon after this, the authorities took decision
to stop overloading which has led to a major problem. It has been alleged that the
police have become more ‘active’ and are stopping the trucks and harassing the
drivers and the helpers.

Truck Operators’ Association joint secretary Prabir Chatterjee said, “We also want
that over-loading is stopped in this state. But for that the police needs to stop
it from the loading point itself.”

As per sources, the Truck organisation have organised a sit-in protest at the
crossing just before getting on to the Bally Nivedita bridge on Thursday. The
organisation’s representative and leaders will be present. The owners of trucks,
which carry sand and stone, will be present too. The protest is in demand for
immediate stopping of overloading to save common people, roads and bridges. With
the stopping of over-loading, the West Bengal Transport industry will be saved.

If loading is done on all trucks, and not only 10 or 12 wheelers, on the basis of
RLW, then no damage will be done to the road and bridges. If the trucks are not
stopped at the loading point, then only the overloading will stop.

Indefinite strike by truck organisations were held in the past for issues like
stopping of overloading, petrol-diesel hike, increment of insurance premium,
harassment by police and application of GST. However, the police had rejected all
such claims.