Troubled By Low Voltage, Villagers Blockade Balurghat-Tapan State Road


Balurghat: Low voltage was troubled the area since four days. On Thursday, the people of Jalghar area blocked the Balurghat-Tapan state road. In the afternoon, the Balurghat Police rushed to the Jalghar to tackle the situation. The block was lifted after police promises to solve the problems as soon as possible.

Locals complained that from Sunday night, Khasia Danga and Palash Danga and Dharail were troubled by the low voltage. From that day, villagers called to the electricity department’s toll-free number several times but staffs did not respond.

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Villagers also lodged complain at Balurghat office. But after four days the situation remained same. Power officials did not feel obliged to take any arrangements. Then villagers staged protest and blocked the road.

As a result of this, they faced huge problems. For this blockade, traffic movement on the Balurghat-Tapan road was hampered.