Trolls Criticise Newly-Wed Nusrat For Wearing Saree To Parliament


New Delhi: Trinamool Congress (TMC) MP from Basirhat, West Bengal, Nusrat Jahan Jain has been targeted by trolls once again for her choice of clothes. Jahan was earlier targeted by trolls when she showed up for a meeting at the Parliament in western formals. This time, Jahan has been targeted for wearing a saree even though she is a Muslim.

Recently married to actor Nikhil Jain, the politician caught the attention of social media users when she took her oath in the Lok Sabha while looking like any other newly-wed woman. Jahan was seen sporting a saree, sindoor and choora (bangles) for the oath-taking ceremony. Trolls took a step further this time as they also scrutinised Jahan’s choice of a life-partner along with her outfit.

AS Fathima, All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) supported Jahan and said, “That’s the beauty of India, Unity in Diversity. The Constitution that we have has given us the right to wear what we want.” Fathima said that it is Jahan’s personal decision to choose her life partner and her clothes.

Muslim Cleric, Ilyas Sharafuddin justified the trolls by saying that Jahan is being criticised for women’s “security”. He added that “rapists and murderers” are going to the parliament because there is no death penalty in India for rape and wearing a hijab, though is not compulsory but adds to security issues. Sharafuddin then said, “Have hijab, punish the rapist with death.”

Shazia Ilmi, member of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) spoke out in support of Jahan and her choices and criticised Sharifuddin for his myopic mindset. Ilmi further added, “He (Sharifuddin) can have a problem as a Muslim but I, as a Muslim, an Indian and as a believer of my Constitution and Quran would rather wish her (Jahan) all the luck.”