Trivedi Firm On His Stand Inspite Of Party’s Warning


Kolkata: TMC MP Dinesh Trivedi is firm on his stand even after TMC party had warned him on Tuesday for issuing statements which could tarnish the party’s image.

Trivedi said that he is grateful to his parents and his teachers. He has never bowed down to anything wrong. He is responsible to himself before providing explanation to someone else. He believes that whatever he did was for the party’s welfare. He also added that he is clear to his own conscience.

Such a statement from Trivedi has caused a spark amongst the political arena. Many are suspecting that Trivedi might get ousted from the party for going against it.

After the Narada Sting Issue was made public, Trivedi said that those who were seen in the video must stay indoors and remain silent. They can make public appearances once they have been proved innocent. In another such incident, where a 3.5 years old child was beaten allegedly by TMC goons at Kamarhati, Trivedi stayed by the family. For all such anti-party incidents, Trivedi was warned on Tuesday by the TMC party.