Tripura Team Visits, Lauds Social Schemes In Bengal

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Tamluk: Lauding the success of ‘Ma Lakshmi’ and ‘Multi-purpose Farm’ schemes in East Midnapore, the Block Development Officer said that the representatives who who came to oversee the schemes, left on a positive note.

‘Ma Lakshmi’ and ‘Multi-purpose Farm’ are two schemes which uplifts the position of the backward class people in the society. These two schemes has turned the lives of women in a massive scale. It has changed the life of thousands of women. The schemes were launched with the aim to make the women, independent. It has already achieved huge success in East-Midnapore’s Potashpur block.

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A 12-member representative team, under the leadership of additional secretary, came to supervise these two schemes on Tuesday. The team consisted of 10 BDOs and a nodal officer of a different scheme.

জোড়া সামাজিক প্রকল্পের কাজ দেখতে জেলায় ত্রিপুরার প্রতিনিধি দল

It has already drawn the attention of the state administration and therefore the Tripura administration officials are here to witness such progress. 12 people representative team in leadership of Additional Secretary and ten BDOs and Nodal officer of Narega Scheme were there to supervise the situation.

East Midnapore block official Subhajit Kundu was there to tell their journey and highlight their ups and downs. People are happy to see them. They made people aware of every technical aspects. They will contact people.

‘Maa Laxmi’ scheme started their journey as a 100 days work, in an effort to stop minor girl marriage, expand women education in a great extent and turn them financially independent.

‘Multipurpose Farm’ was establised years ago by the investment of Panchayat Samiti’s money worth 1.5 crores of money. From animal farm to organic fertilizer, vegetable farming, fishing and other things have been incorporated to turn people independent.