Tripura Deserves Better: Jaitley

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Agartala: Union finance minister Arun Jaitley on Sunday released the BJP’s “Vision Document” – the party’s manifesto for the upcoming Assembly elections in Tripura.

In a news conference here on Sunday afternoon, Jaitley said the BJP has filled the space of non-left force in Tripura, which has now “evaporated” from the political scene. He said the voter base for the Left in the state has “shifted in large numbers” and claimed that the BJP would exert all its might in the polls.

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Jaitley said the ruling CPM has “controlled” the politics of the state with “fear psychosis” for the past 25 years and claimed that the fear has now turned into “hatred”, which would be reflected in the poll results. In an attack on the ruling CPM, he said the Left has kept Tripura “backward” with the idioms of Marxist anti-privatisation and remarked, “Tripura deserves better”. Jaitley said the communists have kept investments away from Tripura and said only investment could create more jobs in the state.

He said, if voted to power, his party would introduce special economic zones (SEZs) in key sectors like food processing, bamboo, IT and consumer durables.

The “vision document” also promises to create mini-SEZs (MiSEZ) in the Tripura Tribal Areas Autonomous District Council areas. Financial incentives would be introduced to attract industries and export-oriented economic zones would be set up for exporting finished goods to the Southeast Asian market.

The manifesto promised one employment opportunity for every household, free education for women till graduation, implementation of the seventh pay commission for state government employees, free smartphones to the youths, housing, free health insurance, safe drinking water and uninterrupted power supply among others.

Jaitley said top priority would be given to “development politics” championed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Regarding the welfare of indigenous communities, the BJP vision document has assured to strengthen the autonomous councils with adequate funds and power, food, safe drinking water, housing and healthcare for all people living in the district council.