Tripura In Crisis: Petrol Prices Reach Rs 300 Per Litre


Agartala: Extreme shortage of petrol and diesel in Tripura, due to poor road conditions, have hit the state even worse after torrential rains on Friday. People have come out on the streets and protesting against the shortage of basic commodities and hike in fuel prices. The damage on the Assam-Tripura national highway has led to Petrol being sold at Rs 300 for a litre and diesel at Rs 150 per litre. The bad condition of the roads, made worse by the rains, had also left the traffic disrupted. The repair work going on the highway has been stopped because of the rains. The already degenerating national highway which has been hit because of incessant rainfall is now filled with debris.

Carriers of essential commodities arriving from various places have been left stranded on the highway. In state capital, Agartala tyres were burnt in front of petrol pumps on Friday, while Trinamool Congress workers helped the public in blocking routes on the way to the state secretariat. The police arrested 50 people and ended the protest. The lack of fuel to even run buses have forced many schools to close. Taking cue from the Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government, Tripura had brought in the ‘Odd-Even’ system on Thursday and has also been forced to ration the fuel.tripura-road

Civil supplies minister Bhanu Lal Saha blamed the Central government for not assuring enough arrangements for more fuel tankers, but he assured the situation will get better. Opposition party, Trinamool Congress has blamed the Centre too and also the Left government in the state. The party has suggested the use of military engineering division to contain the situation. The momentum of monsoon continues in various parts of the country. According to IMD, rainfall in the on Friday was 45 percent above average.

The National Highway 8 which was earlier called NH 44, is a connection between Tripura and other parts of India but the bad condition of roads have stranded hundreds oil tankers and trucks carrying basic commodities. They are Lowerpoha area at Tripura border.