Triple Talaq Petitioner Faces Social Boycott In Kolkata


Kolkata: A triple talaq petitioner, Ishrat Jahan has been facing social boycott in Kolkata following the Supreme Court struck down the Islamic practice of divorce, citing it ‘unconstitutional’.

On August 22, the apex court struck down triple talaq and declared the Islamic practice unconstitutional. In a 3-2 majority verdict, the top court struck down the age-old practice under which a Muslim man could divorce his wife by uttering the word “talaq” thrice.

Talking to ANI, Ishrat Jahan said, “I fought against the triple talaq because of which society is abusing me. I am being labelled wrong for fighting for my right. The fight is becoming difficult day by day but still I will fight.”

Jahan’s lawyer, Nazia Elahi Khan said that ever since the apex court pronounced the judgment, the females in the society have stared boycotting them and called them wives of Hindu.

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“When this historical judgment came on August 22, we were happy but from the very next day the females here started boycotting us and also threatened us. I want to say that the judgment is for the instant triple talaq and not triple talaq. We are against instant triple talaq, we also have faith in Islam,” she said.

Khan said that they have sent a letter to West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee apprising her of the same. She further said they would seek apex court’s intervention if Banerjee does not reply.

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“Defamatory and bad words are being used against us. We are being called as wives of the Hindus. I respect the law and order that does not mean that I will be treated like this,” she added.