Trinamool’s Election Manifesto Gets Published


Kolkata: Trinamool party publishes their election manifesto on Friday. Mamata Banerjee is announcing Trinamool party’s election manifesto on Friday from her Kalighat residence. According to Trinamool Congress sources, the election manifesto contains all the works done by the party in Industrial , health, education and various other sectors.

Here are the excerpts of the manifesto, said by Mamata Banerjee, We have set up over 300 clusters in the MSME sector. We started schemes like Kanyashree not mentioned in Manifesto 2011. We walked out of Congress in 1998 because they were handing over the party to CPI(M). Today we have been proven right. It is our pledge to return the land to farmers of Singur. We fulfilled our commitment regarding Singur by bringing a Bill. But it has been challenged in court and is sub-judice.Making Bengal best in the world is our dream. Our focus is on youth. We have given equal importance to agriculture and industry.

Despite inheriting immense financial burden, we have performed extremely well. Several projects which are underway will be completed. We will work for harmony, progress and development. We have outlined our vision for the future. We will work for the people of all castes, creed, religion. Trinamool means ‘Egiye Bangla’ In industry, education, culture. Trinamool means fulfilling promises In matter of 4 years.Trinamool means ‘Raybeshe Chhau’ The earthy essence of Baul songs Trinamool means dreams of farmers Harvested in the form of grains.Trinamool means stomach full of food ‘Khadya Sathi’ beckons Trinamool means Sabuj Sathi cycles, Praise of Kanyashree.

Our party will organise rallies across the State to observe Nandigram Dibas. We have performed over and above what we promised in 2011. We have released our manifesto in 5 languages – Bangla, English, Hindi, Urdu and Al Chiki.