Trinamool Marauder Hacks Journalist


Update: After facing flak from various circle police on Tuesday arrested four people including two Trinamool leader involved in the attack.

Bankura: West Bengal has touched new low in law and order condition under the Trinamool regime with the ruling party reducing itself to a mere bunch of political humbugs fighting each other over petty political gains.

The much expected change and development from the Trinamool regime under Mamata has proved to be a mere illusion for the people. Like the earlier leftist rulers the TMC too is intolerant of criticism and is now extracting vengeance on the media for highlighting its faults.

A journalist of media house ABP Ananda was critically injured in an attack orchestrated by Trinamool goons at Bankura. The victim Swapan Neogi was attacked on Monday night near Taldangra police station and hacked brutally.

Injured Swapan has been rushed to the Bankura Medical College in a critical condition. Although the attack came within stone’s throw distance, police did not act; perhaps it is too afraid to lay its hand on the ruling goons.