Trinamool-BJP Clash, CR Avenue Turns Into Battleground


Kolkata: Jorabagan-Pathuriaghata of North Kolkata area became a battlefield in a Trinamool-BJP clash.

4 BJP workers seriously injured in this incident. Local MLA Shashi Panja went to the scene. The entire Central Avenue was almost blocked right after the incident.

Reportedly, beginning of the incident surrounds the BJP’s anti-resolution campaign. BJP allegedly said when the party workers were gathering to join the procession at Pathuriaghata Street on Friday, a group of Trinamool workers attacked on Youth Morcha activists in front of Binani Bhavana. BJP workers apparently said they were confined inside the guest house. It is coming in to spotlight that the attack was carried out in front of the police with the presence of local Trinamool leaders.

Trinamool denied the allegations of BJP. Their counter-allegation against BJP states, BJP workers were teasing the passing women on the streets. The Trinamool has protested against this mishap. Both sides filed complaint to the local police.

Within hours of this incident, local MLA Shashi Panja came to the spot. She told the media that, “BJP can organise a bike rally but I do not understand the neccessity of sticks in a bike rally”.

They have hitted a worker of 24 ward. Such incident on the 156th birth anniversary of Vivekananda is shameful. The reason is still not clear to the administration.

Meanwhile, the injured 4 BJP workers taken to the R G Kar Hospital and released after primary treatment. BJP workers protesting across Central Avenue. Naturally the speed and flow of traffic has slowed down.

On this issue, Kolkata High Court has instructed to stop the rally started on 11 in the morning and organize it on tomorrow. Now it is mandatory to produce the road map of the bike rally.