Trial Bus service from Kol-Agartala via Dhaka begins


Kolkata:The first trial run for Kolkata-Dhaka-Agartala bus service started on Monday. West Bengal Transport Department Principal Secretary Alapan Bandyopadhyay said that the bus service will bring Kolkata and Agartala closer.

“By connecting Kolkata to Agartala via Dhaka through a direct bus road, we are touching Agartala in an unprecedented direct manner. Kolkata and Agartala are thus coming close to each other. The [people] of both the states will come nearer and will not to travel the whole of North East in order to reach other,” said Bandyopadhyay.”This should have a good impact on the society in this region. This is the first step to open economic windows in the South and South East ASEAN region,” he added.

The bus left from Kolkata for Bangladesh today and will have a one day stop in Dhaka. On Tuesday, it will arrive at the Agartala International Bus Terminus at around 11 am. India and Bangladesh have recently completed a trial run of the Dhaka -Shillong-Guwahati service.

(Taken from ANI)