Fresh tremors jolt Northern India, PM calls emergency meeting


New Delhi: Fresh earthquake jolts the nation again on Sunday. Measured 6.9 on the Richter scale, the tremors hit Bengal, Assam and Nepal. No reports of fresh casualty have been received yet. Prime Minister Modi has called an emergency meeting at 3:30 pm to take a stock of the situation and to prepare for any disaster pending.

Earlier on Saturday a mighty quake hit India along with Nepal. India suffered a loss of approximately 77 lives while Nepal registered a death toll crossing over 2000 lives and still climbing. The fresh quake also shook many parts of Banglades and Tibet.

The epicenter of the quake is believed to have originated at 6.7 to 17 km South of Kodari in Nepal. First wave of the quake has been registered at 07: 30 am on Sunday morning followed by a second shock on 12:39 pm on Sunday. As fresh reports are pouring in the tremors shook Bihar and parts of Madhya Pradesh also.

While NCR and North India suffered the quake no reports of any shock wave in the southern India has been reported. The Indian Meteorological department cautions of more after shocks, urged the people to take caution.

Tremor also felt at high base camp Mt. Makalu. All are safe confirmed young mountaineer Arjun Vajpai, who is at the base camp praying for his life. He also said that weather has gone bad and there is no way if another quake hit.

As per the recent reports a girl was killed at Rajasthan’s Bharatpur and several were injured.



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