Tremor Rocks Northern India,Epicenter Hindukush


Update: Four dead in Pakistan in this earthquake, as per report. After shock felt in Pakistan measured 4.4. Modi Assured help to Afghanistan. As per Last report 29 dead in this earthquake. Death toll may be hiked.

New Delhi: Massive tremors felt in Delhi. Massive tremors were reported in Delhi, Kashmir, Haryana and Punjab. The Indian earthquake monitoring network reported an earthquake of 7.5 magnitudes in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. Tremor felt as per as kolkata.

People rushed out of offices and homes in Delhi. A massive earthquake rocked the northern Indian subcontinent around 2:45 pm on Monday. The quake also hit Jammu and Kashmir hard. In the National Capital Region, tremors lasted for as long as 7 minutes. Metro services stopped in New Delhi.

Phone lines down in Srinagar. Electricity also reportedly cut in the city.