Trained TET Should Get Prerogative, State To High Court


Kolkata: In TET panel, trained candidates should get first preference. The public prosecutor of West Bengal government pleaded in the Calcutta High Court that an untrained cannot cope with the present educational structure. Earlier, the state government had said that the education department gave a letter to the Centre explaining the status of the TET and the condition of the upcoming panel. The High Court had wanted a photocopy of the letter. But on Tuesday, the State Government could not submit that photocopy. So, Honourable judge P.S. Karnan fumed over the matter and asked the public prosecutor why the state government could not submit that evidence as per High Court rulings. On Thursday, the State government has submitted that evidence and the government lawyer stated the government’s stance about the matter. Though, the High Court in a previous hearing, had reflected that PTTI notion should be abandoned in case of teacher’s recruitment, the state government pleaded from separate angle. The next hearing will be on 26th August.